Life Director

by Bernardo Louveau

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Bernardo Louveau - Certified Life Coach

Meet Bernardo Louveau

Bernardo Louveau is a Global Transformational Coach helping clients throughout the world overcome challenges, improve relationships and build wealth, health and happiness in career and life.

"Bernardo sees deep into your soul and pulls out the best parts of you. Parts you never knew existed."
Steven in West Hollywood, CA
"I felt like I connected with Bernardo on a level I haven't experienced with others."
Chris in Birmingham, AL
"Prior to seeing Bernardo, my life was falling apart. I was deep in debt and drowning in life. He helped me regain my confidence and my pride."
Travis in Schenectady, NY
"As a gay man, I've felt like an outsider most of my life. From being bullied in school to being ostracized at home. Bernardo helped me discover the self-worth I never learned."
Will in Dallas, TX
"My lack of confidence was holding me back. I'm now learning to love me and face my fears head-on."
Ashley in Charlotte, NC
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