About Me

Berarndo Louveau

global life coach, actor, motivational speaker

I'm Bernardo. A motivational speaker, global life coach, and actor on a mission to inspire you to unlock your true potential and connect with your purpose.

I am an Atlanta life and career strategist with a mission to help others by not only tackling the opportunities they have, but also analyzing the bigger picture to develop a blueprint for how to improve and move beyond obstacles that keep you stuck.

There are many resources available about empowerment, inspiration and motivation. These can all help you begin the journey to discovering your purpose, but I also believe that our lives are far more complex than a generalized approach. I like to treat each client as an individual, addressing their unique needs and building upon their distinct characteristics. I take a holistic approach, focusing on improving mind, body, soul, and biochemistry.

Life coaching goes beyond providing motivation. It’s about working together to discover and refine every unique facet of your life culminating in the development of extraordinary purpose. When you look at your life through a wider lens, you are able to push the boundaries to maximize your individual potential and unveil your inner magic.

What Does it Mean to Find Your Extraordinary Purpose?

Finding your purpose doesn’t happen overnight. There are few life-altering events that occur quickly, but when these life changes are experienced gradually, you have time to adjust to them and make them permanent.

When finding your purpose, it is important to go deep within yourself to discover where your passion lies. You can always tell when someone is doing something because they are passionate about it, not because they are “supposed” to do it. Be honest with yourself, explore your life, and discover what you truly love to do. Your life purpose is a unique gift that will bring enlightenment to you and value to the lives of others.

What is a Life Strategist?

A life strategist takes one-on-one time to teach life lessons that the client would not otherwise know. I like to think of life coaching as an opportunity for my clients to be open about their life experiences, issues they are facing, and goals they would like to achieve. Together we break down life’s challenges and discover ways to successfully overcome them.

A life strategist is there to take you on a journey by unlocking hidden potential, unblocking past life experiences, identifying life goals and helping set the course for your future. I help my clients view life from a third person perspective so they can see their life events in a different context.

I believe it’s important to do more than just listening to life stories, it’s about finding life answers through life clearances. I guide my clients on how to get what they want out of their lives. It’s not about telling you what to do, but rather teaching you how to find your unique path that helps you achieve the goals you’ve created. Join me on a journey of self discovery, practical strategy, and optimal life experience.

What Do Career Strategists Do?

I provide life strategy through my work as a career coach. I want to help others find the joy in their jobs by discovering their unique talents and using these abilities as tools for success. I’m not here to give you the answer; I focus on helping you uncover the answers.

I like to think of life coaching as life lessons that make life more fulfilling for individuals, while teaching strategies to positively impact life experience. Career coaches are more focused on teaching life skills such as life management, life balance and life definition. Career coaches will help their clients determine life interests, values and passions to create a life path that leads to career success.

What Does a Life & Career Strategist Do?

Imagine life and career strategy as the building blocks for utilizing life lessons to define purpose, expose opportunities for growth, gain clarity, and strategically weave these together to find balance in life and career. What do you want to achieve? Is it career success? Maybe it’s finding your life path or building healthier relationships. Whatever the case may be, I’d love to be part of your journey to finding your magic.

Bernardo Louveau - Gay Life Coach - Public Speaker
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